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Worst Record Covers Steve Goldman all over the media

Man stood in a gallery holding an album cover for Roadstar Peter Rabbitt, featuring five rabbits with band members faces superimposed on rabbits' heads.

Steve Goldman’s story

About 5 years ago Steve Goldman decided to start collecting the world’s worst record covers. He and his family rummaged through charity shops, jumble sales and the website , seeking out bizarre album cover design disasters like this.

Album cover for Oil and Vinegar by Dave McKenna, featuring a topless couple with cabbage leaves protecting their modesty while they pass a smaller cabbage leaf between their mouths.
“Oil and Vinegar ” by Dave McKenna

In November 2021, 18 months after surviving a stroke, the fruits of Steve’s labour manifested as “The Worst Record Covers in the World” , an exhibition of 200 dreadful LP covers in Huddersfield’s Piazza shopping centre. As well as providing people in Huddersfield and beyond with hearty laughs, Steve’s exhibition was also raising money and awareness for Different Strokes , a charity supporting younger stroke survivors and their families.

As soon as I heard about the exhibition and saw the album cover images I knew Steve had a great news story. I offered to help him with his PR, quickly drafting a press release and off we went!

News coverage for Worst Record Covers

National media – this appeared on the BBC Homepage on a sleepy Sunday morning…

Which led to interest from The Guardian

And inews

And then this happened …

Yorkshire media

Everyone jumped on this…

First Huddersfield Times

Then the Yorkshire Post

Huddersfield Hub

BBC Radio Leeds liked this so much Gayle Lofthouse and Andrew Edwards both interviewed Steve and they even made their own video.

The Huddersfield Examiner covered the story twice, getting very excited when Have I Got News For You featured the exhibition.

News coverage around the exhibition generated a lot of excitement, and drastically increased the number of people visiting the gallery. By the second weekend of the exhibition, there were regularly between 10 and 20 people in the little galley space at any one time, chuckling away at the album covers. I even spotted one off duty BBC Radio Leeds journalist visiting. The stroke charity Different Strokes had an uptick in enquiries and donations as a result of the coverage and a few other offers came Steve’s way that I can’t tell you about ! Yet…

The story isn’t over yet. Steve is looking to take his exhibition on tour in 2022. If you’d like to host his exhibition or cover Steve’s story contact me by email

You can donate to Steve’s Just Giving page for Different Strokes here

“Richard was very professional and polite. As a stroke survivor, he took care to check what my limits were in terms of stress and interviews- which turned out to be highly relevant as his PR led to a lot of offers! “

Steve Goldman

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