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Tray Tronic’s stunning abstract lockdown paintings

Colourful abstract art painting featuring swirls and circles in indigo, orange, crimson and yellow

Tray’s story

In July 2021 I pitched a story on behalf of Tracey Ann Britton (AKA Tray Tronic), a Huddersfield based artist who produced 400 stunning abstract paintings during Covid lockdown. We were promoting her thrilling, colourful exhibition “Music For Your Eyes” in Collaborarti’s Gallery 3 on Huddersfield Piazza. Here are two of my favourite paintings from Tray’s exhibition.

One of Tray Tronic's energetic abstract paintings, magenta, purple, turquoise , yellows and reds, punctuated by swirling geometric circles
“Kids in a Candy Shop” by Tray Tronic
“Fairy Dust” by Tray Tronic

Tray, who lives with bipolar disorder, created the paintings as part of her efforts to look after her wellbeing during lockdown . “I’ve been aware of art as a therapeutic tool to enhance my wellbeing for many years. When lockdown happened it seemed obvious that painting would help get me through all of the weirdness that came with it. As it turned out the weirdness went on for a long time…so I’ve done a lot of painting.”

One of Tray Tronic's energetic abstract paintings featuring bright light colours, magenta, cyan, indigo, orange, yellow and green
“Ambiflow” by Tray Tronic

Tray’s paintings have been a real tonic for me through the past year. I have several in my own home and love seeing them around the house. I feel like I’m in on a secret the rest of the world has yet to discover…

News coverage

The Yorkshire Times and Huddersfield’s two hyperlocal news sites, Huddersfield Times and Huddersfield Hub picked up Tray’s story.

Huddersfield Times

And Huddersfield Hub

Hyperlocal news sites like Huddersfield Times and Huddersfield Hub are moving into the space previously occupied by many local newspapers. Increasingly traditional local papers, based in the communities they serve, have been bought up by much larger media groups, reducing or shutting down their offices in the towns and cities where they have been based for over 100 years. Most of those media groups prioritise highly “clickable” online content and are now far less likely to run stories about community events or local businesses. They still have lots of lovely, talented people working for them, it’s just their business model has taken them elsewhere.

Hyperlocals have quickly picked up a big fan base with good reason. Many offer opportunities for local citizens to be involved in producing lively, vibrant news content that helps to build a strong local community.

They are very friendly too with real people on the end of a phone! Their websites are building good domain authority ( a key measure for search engines like Google), so getting your stories on there helps to build your own web profile.

Wherever you are in the UK, there is a good chance a hyperlocal news site has recently popped up near you. If you’d like some help offering your story to one of the hyperlocals, or if you’d like to exhibit some of Tray’s stunning paintings get in touch.

Oblique by Tray Tronic

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