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About Diversity PR

In the media, diversity matters as never before. But getting your story or company featured in the media is something that depends upon people having the right skills, connections and confidence to get their stories told. Not all groups in the UK are well equipped to compete for a place in the media. Class, race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, educational opportunities and social connections all impact people’s chance to get their voices heard and their stories told.

There are barriers to inclusion in media outlets, nationally and locally. But one major reason that many news outlets don’t cover stories and opinions from working class people, or people from a BAME background , people with a disability, people who are gay or trans, or people over 70, is that not enough people are presenting those stories to the media. No one is asking those groups for their business. No one is pitching their stories. That’s why I created Diversity PR.

But diversity is not about all the under represented groups huddling together in a corner.

I want to build a strong, diverse, growing, thriving company. A community where people learn from each other and have encounters they would never have had otherwise. If you’re into that, I’d love to hear from you. So if you’re not from an under represented group but you’d like some whizzy PR, we’re here for you too. You can see some of the great stories Diversity PR has promoted to local and national media on our News page.

Diversity PR will also be offering media support to some people from under represented groups for free. You can support this work and see exclusive content through our Patreon page.

Diversity PR is based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, but I’m happy to work with people all over the UK.

And in case it’s not obvious, Black Lives Matter.
BLM and Pride flags will be popping up soon. Tell me where you’d like to see them!

Picture of Richard Byrne, founder of Diversity PR , next to an abstract painting.
Artwork by Tray Tronic

About me

I’m Richard Byrne. I have over 10 years experience of successfully landing stories in national, international, digital and local media.

I have given interviews myself on BBC Radio 5, Radio 4, BBC News 24, Sky TV and local TV and radio. So if I shove you in front of a microphone, unless it’s The Today Program, I’ve probably been there myself at some point.

Born in London, to an Irish working class background, I was able to go to University and have “done alright”. For a few years I pitched stories for peace and social justice groups in London and for 5 years I was Regional Media Officer for the Refugee Council in Yorkshire and Humberside.

In recent years I’ve been working with children focussed particularly on communication issues and disability. In 2021 I made the decision to launch Diversity PR.

Diversity PR is at the start of a journey. I hope that as Diversity PR grows it becomes a more diverse initiative with many different voices and faces. Along the way, there will be omissions, problems and mistakes. When it comes to diversity I am bound to get it wrong sometimes. When I do, feel free to tell me, and what you think I should do instead.